Shark Cage Diving Boat - max passengers 25 - capacity 45

Our 15 years of Experience in the Shark Cage Diving Industry, using only the Highest Quality Operators with 100% Safety Records and highest customer service rankings, coupled with an incredible Shark Diving and Accommodation Deal means when you book with us, you are Guaranteed to enjoy an Unforgettable experience – For all the Right Reasons!



Shark Cage Diving Boat - max passengers 25 - capacity 45Diving with Great White Sharks takes place in Gansbaai

which is on the coast of the Western Cape of South Africa, near to Hermanus.

Cape Town to Hermanus is 1.5 hours approx.

Hermanus to Gansbaai: 45 mins approx

Cape Town to Gansbaai: 2.5 hrs approx

All Great White Shark diving trips launch from Kleinbaai Harbour, which is a couple of kilometers from Gansbaai – the White Shark capital of the world. The drive from Cape Town to Gansbaai will take you 2.5hrs (165km) or if you are staying in Hermanus, the journey is only 45 minutes by car. The trip will make its way out to the famous Dyer Islands and Shark Alley. The islands are covered in seals and penguins, the sharks are migratory and will be in this area for food.

We do not feed or handle the sharks, to do so would jeopardize the ecology and our permit to run these tours. We are merely observing the Great White Shark in it’s natural environment whilst educating as many people as possible about this incredible predator.

If you don’t’ have your own transport, we can easily arrange a transfer for you. Return from the City of Cape Town, R300 per person. Return from Hermanus, R100 per person.


Shark Cage Diving in South Africa takes place throughout the year

Best Underwater Visibility:April, May, June, July, August, September

Good Underwater visibility: January, February, March – October, November, December

Chance of seeing sharks: 97% All year round

Shark Cage diving in South Africa takes place throughout the year with the best visibility being during the South African winter months, although visiblity is still excellent during the Summer months.Diving with Great Whites tours are weather dependent so should the weather be inclement, the tour will be postponed for your safety and enjoyment

We have 97% sightings, so you’ll more than likely see sharks. The very best time to see White Sharks in numbers is during the South African winter months (May-August). A few months either side of winter are also excellent times for viewing. During the peak middle of summer (Christmas/New Year) the number of sharks seen is usually less, this is due primarily to the colder water temperatures of mid summer. We do get the very occasional day during peak summer when we might not see a shark, if this happens during your trip, you will receive a voucher to go out again for free.



Shark Cage Divers from 5 yrs up Welcome

5yrs up – May be on boat – SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES

10yrs up – May enter Shark Cage – Accompanied by Adult

Our shark diving tours are designed for the complete novice, absolutely no experience is needed to participate. You don’t even have to be able to swim, but to be comfortable in the ocean is a definite advantage. Children over the age of 10 years may get in the cage, but they must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.

Although we don’t have a policy regarding the age of our passengers, we do not recommend this trip for children under the age of 5 years. Small children are more affected by sea-sickness and dehydration can occur quickly. If your small child is used to travelling by boat or you feel that they are particularly hardy, then they may accompany you at your own discretion.




The cost of Shark Cage Diving near Cape Town with Great Whites Costs:

BASIC PRICE: R995 – Includes FULL Shark Diving Tour

Accommodation & Shark Diving Deal: R100 off Quality Affordable Accommodation

Great White Shark Diving offers our Shark Diving Tours at a greatly reduced cost of R995 per person!!

You still enjoy 100% of the full price Experience (normally around R1 350) which includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Snacks & drinks on Board
  • And all equipment

The price is R995 per person and includes everything you’ll need for the day. You’ll get breakfast on arrival, snacks/cool drinks & wetsuits on board and lunch back at the crew house afterwards. The boat is licensed to carry a limited number of people, so in effect the R995 buys your place on the trip, regardless of age or whether or not you decide to use the cage.

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WHAT TO BRING for Shark Cage Diving

  • Suncream
  • Warm weather gear
  • Change of Clothing
  • Towel
  • Camera (hire or buy on site)


  • Wetsuits
  • Towels
  • Changing facilities (in crew house)
  • Breakfast – before Trip
  • Drinks and Snacks on Board the Shark Boat
  • Lunch – after Trip



Shark Cage Diving Trip Times

Meeting Times: 7.30am – varied according to weather

Tour Times: 9am & 11.30am – varied according to weather

The meeting and pick up times vary slightly each day with the tides and weather, but it’s usually an early start with breakfast at the crewhouse, finishing with lunch after the trip. We contact our passengers during the day prior to your shark diving trip to confirm exact times.



Transport to and from your Great White Shark Cage Diving Trip

Cape Town – Gansbaai – R300 return (collection in CBD of Cape Town)

Hermanus – Gansbaai – R100 return (from Hermanus Backpackers)

If you don’t have your own transport, we can easily arrange a transfer for you. The cost for the return transport from Cape Town is R300 per person, from Hermanus only R100. For Self Drive passengers it is a very straight forward journey, we will provide directions.



You are welcome to take photos & videos on your Shark Diving Trip.

There is a professional DVD Videographer on board every trip, you’ll get to see the days coverage during lunch. DVD’s of your Shark Diving trip: you’ll watch it whilst enjoying your lunch & they’re availble to  purchase immediately @ R300 ea.

There are options in Kleinbaai Harbour to rent

  • underwater cameras,
  • waterproof housings
  • or purchase disposable underwater cameras


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Great White Shark Diving Quality & Service Standards

Our main objective on Every Shark Diving Trip is to ensure that every guest enjoys an exciting, thrilling and unforgettable adventure! We pride ourselves on the Quality of the experience as well as providing unsurpassed service excellence on every tour.  .



The safety of our Guests on every Cage Diving trip is of utmost importance to us.

We have a 100% Safety Record and carry out regular safety checks. Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites has become an important part of Eco-Tourism in the area so ensuring your safety also ensures the continued survival of the Great White Shark.


Licensed Operators
Licensed Operator Our Operators are one of only 9 Fully Licensed & Operational Shark Cage Diving operators in Gansbaai near Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa. Only Licensed operators are able to participate in Shark Cage Diving. All operators are reputable with excellent records.


Experienced Operators
Our Operators have been practicing Great White Shark Diving for 15 Years.
With Shark Diving taking place daily in good weather throughout the year, this accounts for quite some Experience within the industry.


Out Cage Diving boat is not only fully licensed, checked for safety daily and inspected regularly by the appropriate authorities but we also carry out rigorous checks of our own to ensure that our boat is in peak condition for your Shark Cage Diving experience.

Purpose built for shark cage diving.

Designed to carry 45 passengers,

licensed for shark cage dive to carry 30 passengers –

we take a MAXIMUM of 25 people per trip.



The Cage used for Great White Shark Diving

is specifically built for the purpose. The cage is produced from galvanised steel with reinforced joins to guarantee the safety and security of our clients

The Shark Diving Cage is retrieved from the water at the end of every day at which time we carry out several checks to ensure the solidity and safety of the Cage. Your safety and enjoyment of the Shark Diving Adventure is of utmost importance to us so we go the extra mile daily!

Breathing Method

Everyone on these shark cage diving tours will use a breath hold method – i.e. you hold your breath and duck your head below the surface to see the sharks from under the water.You are provided with Goggles for better viewing.

White Sharks are surface feeders, so you’ll be able to see them clearly without having to be deep. The shark cage is moored to the side of the boat; you will be able to remain in the cage with your head above the surface until a shark makes an approach. A crew member will let you know when a great white shark is approaching, then it’s just a matter of taking a breath, pushing yourself under the surface of the water and holding your breath for a moment while the shark makes a swim past. There is a bar in the cage for you to hold. Once the shark has swum past, it’s just a matter of resurfacing and waiting for your next opportunity

No diving qualifications or experience is needed for Shark Cage Diving in South Africa, near Cape Town. However, if you do hold a scuba qualification, bring along your certification card and let the skipper know that you’d like the opportunity to go back in the cage with a regulator, we have the equipment on board – there is no extra charge for this, but it is at the discretion of the skipper/crew given the conditions and timing of the day.



Map of Gansbaai

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